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Protect A Life Vested four dogs in total.

Most Recently Vested Dog

Ordas is a three year old German Shepard.  He works on Evia Island, Greece as an explosive mechanism detector.   His partner and handler is  Eugenois Koulocheris.  Eugenois contacted me through my website in August 2005 and asked for my assistance in protecting his partner and best friend.  We have continued to email back and forth to set up fundraising.  In October I did a small fundraiser at St. Lawrence Lodge (home to the aged).  That money along with other fundraising money left us a bit short.  Eugenios donated the rest of the money needed.  As of March 17th 2006, Ordas has a new K9 Storm vest.  Eugenios assures me that Ordas adjusted to the vest very quickly, and is now very happy and comfortable in his vest!! This fundraiser was a bit more challenging related to distance and language barriers but luckily Eugenios is very patience and understanding.