How it Began

In February 2004, I read a story about a girl from California, who was raising funds to buy bullet-proof vests for police dogs in California, but mainly in the United States not in Canada. I thought this was a great idea. I went on the internet and researched it, and read more in books.  The more I thought, read and researched it the more I thought "someone should do this in Canada."  I knew that the only way to be sure that someone did it in Canada, was to do it myself.  I told my mother, who called our local Police Station and set up an appointment for Sep's Handler Constable Mike Grant and I to talk. I said I had an idea to start this fundraiser. He suggested that I team up with Therapeutic Paws of Canada as they had approached him with the same idea and get this fundraiser on the go!!

Only a few weeks later I had come up with a name for the fundraiser, Protect A Life or PAL for short.  Constable Grant, Sep, Therapeutic Paws and I had a weekend fundraiser at the Brockville 1000 Island Mall. The support there was great, at the end of the weekend I received a phone call from Therapeutic Paws and they told me the total..... $904.00!!!  I was amazed, I was so happy.  Then to top that, just to show me what a great city Brockville really is, the next day Don Hutton called Therapeutic Paws and said "how much money is still needed for Sep's vest?" They said "around $1600" and he said "I'll write the cheque for the rest of the money!" When I heard that I screamed with joy. Sep's vest arrived on April 15th 2004, He loves it!

K9 Prayer

Oh almighty God, whose great  power and eternal wisdom embraces the universe,
watch over my handler while I sleep.
Protect my handler from harm while I am unable to do so.
I pray, help keep our streets and homes safe while my handler and I rest.
I ask for your loving care because my handler's duty is dangerous.
Grant my handler your unending strength and courage in our daily assignments.
Dear God, protect my brave handler, grant your almighty protection,
unite my handler safely with the family after the tour  of duty has ended.
I ask nothing for myself.
~Author unknown