Brockville Police Station

One of my biggest supporters has been Constable Mike Grant from the Brockville Police Station.  To view their website go to


Want to know more about the vest?

I feel that the K9 Storm vest is the best of  the best.  That is why each dog that PAL fundraises for receives a K9 Storm vest.  If  you would like to view other details and prices for this lightwieght, comfortable vest, go to


More about training, anyone?

Southern Police Canine, Inc.
Southern Police Canine inc. This is the school that Constable Grant and Sep went to.  Southern Police Canine (or S.P.C.I) is one of the largest law enforcement dog training facilties in the world.  To find out more about S.P.C.I. check out there website at


Malinois are cool dogs

Breeders of Belgian Malinois dogs that work.  This is the kennel where Trax was born.  Check out to see  a really cool site all about Malinois.


Want to work or play safe?

The Safety store has all your safety needs for you, your family and your dog covered.  To see what they have check out their website at


True Blue Heroes

Constable Darryl Rice of the Durham Regional Police Service is selling these bands in youth and adult sizes in support of the four RCMP officers killed in Alberta.  All procedes go directly to the famillies of these four officers.  For more information or to order these braclets ($4 each) please send an email to Darryl Rice.