Special Thanks

I would like to thank first and for most, Constable Grant.  He is the reason I am here today, the reason I am doing what I am doing.  He says that he gets paid to do it, to be supportive, but he doesn't get paid on his days off when he keeps in contact with me.  Even now that his dog's vest is here and paid for, he is still supportive and points me in the right direction. I could go on forever with how great he is.

I also want to thank my mom and dad for being supportive and giving me advice. They drive me to fundraising locations and are always supportive.   I also want to thank my brother, who gave me advice and helped me even though he wasn't getting any credit for it.

Thanks to Co-operators Insurance Brockville office, for helping me out with insurance needs. Thanks to D&D Promotions I have a cool fold up sign, that they donated to my cause.  My home town Radio Station JRFM, has provided tons of media coverage and awareness for PAL.  Thanks to the Royal Bank Brockville Branch , for allowing me to open a trust account.

Thank You Don Hutton

Your generous donation, encouragement and support meant a lot to me
and will stay with me always, Kaitlyn